Terekhin-Lysov Court Hearings Take Place Behind Closed Doors. VIDEO

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Court hearings regarding Ihor Lysov's suit in 211 district of Kyiv are taking place behind closed doors.

Censor.NET citing the Batkivschyna press service reports that according to preliminary data in the district opposition candidate Serhiy Terekhin is winning. Official observer from the pro-government candidate appealed to the court to carry out a re-count in 28 precincts. He motivated the claim that the bags with ballots were torn.

"However, the bags with ballots were torn by commission members themselves and it happened after the count was completed and precinct protocols were accepted by the district commission in full," notes the statement. Representatives of Batkivschyna demanded to be considered a third party in the court but the court denied the motion. After that the court moved to written proceedings.

"This was done so that no one except those involved in the process could obtain information on the progress of the case," added the party press service.