06.06.14 15:58

Putin Admitted to Hollande That He Has Influence Over Terrorists in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with French President Francois Hollande declared June 5 that he has an influence over the separatists in Ukraine.

путин олланд

This was related to RTL on Friday, June 6, by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who was present at the meeting, reports Deutsche Welle.

At a meeting with Vladimir Putin, Francois Hollande said that there is a need for a truce in Ukraine.

In turn, Putin acknowledged that he might have some influence over the pro-Russian separatists.

At the same time, Putin emphasized that it was limited, said the head of the French Foreign Ministry.

Putin also said that he was against holding a referendum on Luhansk and Donetsk regions independence from Kiev but such referendum took place.

According to Fabius, Hollande and Putin also discussed the topic of Russian gas supplies to Ukraine. He stressed that both presidents spoke "very openly."

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