19.06.14 15:30

NATO Confirms that Russia Resumes Military Buildup Near Ukrainian Border: It Is "a Very Regrettable Step Backward"

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced that they can confirms a military buildup near Ukrainian border.

"If they're deployed to seal the border and stop the flow of weapons and fighters that would be a positive step. But that's not what we're seeing," the Secretary General of NATO said, answering a question of journalists at British non-governmental organization Chatham House, Censor.NET reports citing BBC-Ukraine.

" So the international community would have to respond firmly if Russia were to intervene further to isolate Russia. That would imply deeper economic sanctions which would have a negative impact on Russia. NATO has to focus on more effective protection of our partners"

In May a large number of Russian servicemen was spotted at the Ukrainian-Russian border. After the pressure from the U.S. and NATO, Russian troops were pulled back.

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