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After Boeing 777 Crashed Terrorists Transported at Least 3 Buk Missile Systems from Ukraine to Russia

The Security Service of Ukraine established that on July 18, after Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 crashed, five powertracks crossed the Ukrainian Border with Russia. Three of them carried Buk M1 missile systems.

On July 18, following the catastrophe of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, t he terrorists transferred five powertracks with at least three Buk M1 Missile Systems from Ukraine to Russia. One of the systems lacked a missile. Head of the SSU counterintelligence department Vitalii Naida reported this at a briefing, Censor.NET writes citing Liga.net.

The SSU showed reporters photo evidence of a missile system heading from Snizhne town (Donetsk region) to the Russian border. "The Russian side commanded to withdraw the missile systems from Ukrainian territory as soon as the plane was brought down. One of the photos shows that a missile is missing in the launcher. Moreover, we have clearly documented and will provide evidence to all international instances that Russia instructed the terrorists to remove all the missile systems from the territory of Ukraine. It was more than one," he said.

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The SSU has established that two powertracks, each carrying a Buk rocket launcher, crossed Ukrainian-Russian border between Sievernyi village (Luhansk region) and Orekhovka village (Russian Federationon) on July 18 at about 2 AM. "The first carried four missiles, meaning it has not been used, while the second one had three missiles on it," he said.

According to Naida, Russia is now trying to hide evidence of direct involvement in the terrorist act over Ukraine. "The international community should now question Russian government and President Putin, as well as control how Russia will facilitate the investigation of the terrorist act," he said.

Naida added that the terrorists knew that the plane had to be reached at the height of 10,000 meters. The supposed rocket launching point is established. Representatives of the SSU are looking for a possibility to get to the spot to collect evidence.

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