25.07.14 15:57

UK: Boeing-777 Crash is the Terrorist Attack that Occurred in the Context of Russia Efforts

The UK considers Malaysian Boeing-777 accident to be the terrorist attack and has evidence that the missile was launched from the territory controlled by the terrorists.

"The British government is convinced of replenishment of the evidence which indicates that this disaster was caused by a ground-to-air missile launched from the site, which is fully controlled by insurgents," extraordinary and plenipotentiary Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Ukraine Simon Smith said at a briefing in Kyiv, Censor.NET informs citing UNIAN.

According to Smith, these are "the evidence of the respective weapon systems movement, photographs from the crash site and captured recordings of militants' talks that are freely available on the Internet."

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"We clearly see it as an act of terrorism that took place in the context of Russia's efforts to destabilize the situation in Ukraine and in the last days it is confirmed even more. The British government and Prime Minister David Cameron share our position," Smith said.

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