11.08.14 12:05

Near Ilovaisk 4 Soldiers of the Donbas Battalion Killed, 7 Injured

On Sunday, during a military operation in the area of ​​Ilovaisk of the Donetsk region, four soldiers of the Donbas volunteer battalion were killed.

The press service of the battalion wrote about it on Facebook, Ukrainska Pravda reports.

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The Donbas battalion lost four men. Seven injured. The Azov battalion also suffered losses," the statement said.

Besides Donbas and Azov batallions, the Shahtarsk batallion and the Right Sector units took park in an operation.

Fighter of the Azov battalion Zakhar Lavrentev wrote the Facebook page of the battalion that the cause of the deaths was failure of technology.

"Everything went smoothly, the enemy was hiding. But then the old stuff we were given broke at one point. A gun and a machine gun were jammed and at the same time APC stalled. (...) The guys were left without any cover. As a result, 5 were wounded, 2 were killed," he wrote.

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Lavrentev blamed the Defense Ministry - according to him, it leaves the battalions with little or no support and heavy weapons.

"The battalion is poorly armed for such attacks," he added.

Lavrentev also said that by artillery fire the battalion destroyed the strongholds of the terrorists and the terrorists, who fired at their comrades.

As it was reported earlier, among the soldiers of the Azov battalion, who died in the battle, were Mykola Berezovyi, the husband of journalist Tetiana Chornovil, Andrii Dremin, nicknamed "Firefly".

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