03.09.14 07:17

Russia Continues Military Buildup Along Ukraine Border - Pentagon

Russian troops have moved closer to the border with Ukraine and continue to build their military capabilities in the region.

армия российская

Pentagon Press Secretary Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby said this, Censor.NET reports, citing the US Department of Defense.

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Russia continues to maintain at least 10,000 troops near the Ukrainian border, Kirby said. "It's difficult to pin it down to a specific number but they continue to be reinforced."

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Kirby said the Russian troops are in combined arms battalions and constitute "very capable, very ready" forces.
"And as I've said before, they are close to the border -- within 50 kilometers of the border."

Kirby announced the Obama administration has asked Congress for authority to spend $19 million next year to train and equip Ukrainian National Guard forces to build capacity for internal defense.

American support to Ukraine will remain non-lethal, Kirby said. "We are not assisting them with issues of targeting," he said. "We continue to review requests for military assistance from the government of Ukraine through an interagency process."

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