15.09.14 16:44

Terrorists Storming Donetsk Airport Again - Eyewitnesses

According to eyewitnesses, the militants began shelling the airport and the railway station in Donetsk again.

Censor.NET reports this citing Donetsk city website.

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"Here it comes again! But they promised it at 03:30 pm. The sounds of projectiles flying towards Pisky/ the airport were heard from Smolianka, maybe even Koksokhim and the Kirov mine, but no explosions heard." "There are not just salvos but roar of guns already. They are firing at the airport from all directions. The guys will go through hard times there," the Donetsk locals write in social networks.

Besides, there are reports of single artillery fire shots from the direction of the railway station.

"The interval between shots is no more than a second. There are a lot of them sounded," "The DPR insurgents have blocked passage near the factory where deaf and dumb worked, I suppose they're just going to shell from Ekonomichna Street," residents of the city reported.

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