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Occupying authorities apprehend two Crimean Tatar activists after searches in their houses. VIDEO+PHOTOS

Russian invaders detained two Crimean Tatar activists Giray Kulametov and Kemal Seityaev who held single-person protests on Oct. 14, 2017.

Censor.NET reports citing the activists of the Crimean Solidarity.

Search at Giray Kulametov’s house

Search at Kemal Seityaev’s house

"Search and seizure operation is underway in Giray Kulametov’s house in Staryi Krym village. Giray lives with two children, mother, sister and wife in this house. He was one of those who performed a single-person protest on Oct. 14, 2017. He also takes active part in the public life of his people. They seized cellphones from the house residents, confiscated computer’s hard drive. There is a large number of masked persons inside and outside the house. The entrance to the house is cordoned off by the “law enforcers” who brought a paddy wagon with them. The women and children were taken to the attic of the house,” the activists said.

"Giray Kulametov is being taken away to be “tried.” Relatives say he is charged with spreading "extremist information" on the social media," the activists added later.

"According to preliminary reports, Kemal Seityaev’s house is also being searched. He also held a single-person protest on Oct. 14, 2017. Seityaeva also faces “trial” as he is charged with spreading "extremist materials. He was taken to the Bilohirsk police precinct," the activists said.

Activists came to support the Crimean Tatars whose houses were raided

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