02.10.14 10:05

SBU: Over 500 People Remain Imprisoned by Terrorists. All-For-All Exchange Does Not Work

According to the adviser to the head of the SBU, the principle of "all-for-all" exchange of prisoners does not work.

Adviser to the head of the SBU Markiian Lubkivskyi told Channel 5 that from the start of the ceasefire more than a thousand Ukrainian soldiers and civilians were released from captivity, and that the exchange process may continue for several months, Censor.NET reports.

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"If we talk about the last few weeks, 508 hostages were freed. Speaking about the time since the enactment of the peace agreements, this figure is over a thousand," Lubkivskyi noted.

He informed that more than 500 people are still held captive by the terrorists and a number of people is missing, with the search being conducted by the SBU.

The adviser added that in matters of search and release from captivity, "there is no difference between civilians and military personnel and between the military itself." He also expressed regret that the principle of "all-for-all" exchange does not work.

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Lubkivskyi stated that initially they managed to exchange a few dozen Ukrainian military and civilians for one militant but later these negotiations were complicated and are not being conducted as fast as they would like them to.

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