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Putin Believes Western Pressure Will not Succeed and Reminds US That a Discord Between Two Nuclear Powers is Fraught with Consequence

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the sanctions pressure from the West and the attempts to isolate Russia in connection with the situation in Ukraine will not take effect but only complicate the dialogue, including the one on the Ukrainian issue.

The Russian leader said this in an interview with the Serbian newspaper Politika, Censor.NET reports citing LIGA.Novosti.

"Our partners must be aware that attempts to put pressure on Russia by unilateral, illegitimate restrictive steps do not hasten the problems settlement, but only complicate the dialogue, he said.

"What effort to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine can we talk about if the decision on the new package of sanctions is introduced almost simultaneously with the achievement of agreements on the promotion of the peace process?" Putin is perplexed.

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Russian President expressed confidence that the attempts to isolate Russia will not succeed. "It is clear that it is impossible to fulfill this, though, of course, considerable damage may be caused to the economic health of Europe and the entire world," - the newspaper quoted Putin.

He also urged the United States to stop the "reckless" blackmailing of Russia and reminded that a discord between two nuclear powers is fraught with grave consequence.

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Earlier, Secretary of State Assistant Victoria Nuland said that Russia should withdraw its troops from Ukraine and release all the hostages, otherwise sanctions will not be lifted.

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