24.07.18 17:48

Russian mercenary says separatists', not Ukrainian troops’ mortar strike hit trolleybus stop in Donetsk in 2015. VIDEO (in Ukrainian)

Russian mercenary, propagandist Denis Lotov, who fought in the ranks of the DPR (breakaway "Donetsk People’s Republic") terrorists in 2014, admitted that it was actually not the Ukrainian troops, but the "Cossacks of Ataman Safonenko" who shelled the trolleybus stop in Donetsk on Jan. 22, 2015.

Well-known blogger Denys Kazanskyi said in his investigation of the bombardment that killed up to 15 and injured another 20 civilians in the Russian-occupied Donetsk, the blame for which the Russian-backed terrorists later put on the government forces, Censor.NET reports.

"There was no chance the Ukrops’ (pejorative term used by members of combined Russian-separatist forces for Ukrainian troops – Ed.) mortars could reach it (the trolleybus stop – Ed.). That’s why they told stories about another team of Ukrainian subversives riding a garbage truck or a commercial vehicle armed with a mortar. Here’s what really happened: there was a beef between Oplot and Safonov's Cossacks (Russian terrorists’ detachments – Ed.). Someone had wrestled something away from someone and the Cossacks retaliated.

"Anyway, the target of their mortar strike was the nearby Oplot’s base. They are actually poorly skilled mortar gunners, so they missed and hit the trolleybus stop instead. Naturally, when such a screw-up happens, no one will ever tell the truth. Therefore, they themselves urgently concocted a tall story about Ukrops slaughtering civilians in the ‘Donetsk People's Republic’," Lotov said.

The mercenary speaks about Cossacks’ involvement in the attack on civilians starting from the third minute of the investigation by Kazanskyi.

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