22.10.14 17:48

Refugees Forcibly Sent From Crimea to Yakutia Left Without Money and Place to Live on Eve of 50-Degrees Cold

Removed persons from the Donbas who went to Crimea and were then sent to the Russian Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) are in a distressful situation. On the eve of a harsh winter they do not have warm clothes, money, jobs, housing or distinct perspectives.

According to the Public Chamber of the Republic of Sakha, a group of refugees totaling 192 persons was sent by a plane from Crimea in late August, Censor.NET reports citing Novye Izvestia.

"Among the arrivals were 80 children (including 30 infants), a substantial number of elderly people, pregnant women. All wearing light summer clothes and shoes. Without any paperwork or IDs."

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"The removed persons say their passports were taken away the day before the departure. The people arrived here without money or documents. We do not have a resettlement program here; salaries of 130,000 rubles, and start-up payout of 250,000, which they were promised, do not exist either. The situation with jobs and housing is as difficult as it is everywhere else," Chairman of the Public Chamber Vyacheslav Alekseev says.

The refugees say they were made to leave practically by force, with the documents taken away and promises of official status in Yakutia. However, as it turned out on the spot, the federal program for the voluntary resettlement of compatriots is practically non-existent here. The duration of stay in temporary accommodation is expiring, and temperatures of 50 degrees Celcius below zero are coming up.

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Republican authorities and non-governmental organizations are doing their best. For example, after the outbreak of enteric diseases among the refugee children, they bought refrigerators and other household appliances, collected food, but this does not resolve the problem as a whole. The main thing that is done at the moment is that the refugees received their passports back, which the Federal Migration Service for some reason kept for two months. Part of the settlers was relocated to other regions, but 96 people remain in Yakutia. Chairman of the "Civil Support" (Refugees and Removed Persons Aid Committee) Svetlana Gannushkina says that the situation in the Republic of Sakha is not an isolated case. Similar facts were recorded in Stavropol and Primorsky regions. In many regions the quota for placement of refugees is not provided at all.

"There are plenty of examples like this. Our leaders took in an impressive number of refugees from Ukraine. And now they don't need them. And they send the Ukrainians to where there is no housing, no jobs, no programs," Gannushkina concludes.

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