22.10.14 18:01

Popasna City Shelled by "Grad", People Killed

One person killed and two wounded as a result of shelling of Popasna city in the Luhansk region by the terrorists from "Grad".

This was announced on Facebook by Tetiana Pohukai, the press secretary of Luhansk regional administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Censor.NET reports.

According to her, starting from 9:35 a.m. Wednesday, the terrorists started shelling the city of Popasna from the city of Irmino, which is controlled by them, using the MLRS "Grad." The terrorists made about 15 shots.

"A local citizen, born in 1957, died of multiple shrapnel wounds due to the shelling. Two persons with shrapnel wounds were hospitalized, a woman of 32 years and a man of 24," Pohukai said.

The terrorists damaged the city significantly: two service vehicles were damaged, and three ambulance cars and a printing house burned down.

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