24.10.14 10:38

Ukraine's Only Legitimate Elections Are Those to Take Place Oct. 26 and Dec. 7 – U.S. Department of State

The United States recognize legitimacy of the Ukrainian parliamentary elections to be held Oct. 26 and the elections of local authorities in some areas of the Donbas, scheduled for Dec. 7.


United States Department of State spokesperson Jen Psaki said, Censor.NET reports citing radiosvoboda.ua.

"We hope that many Ukrainians will take part in the elections, including Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk, and strongly condemn any interference with this legitimate democratic process and the ability of the people to peaceably choose their leaders," she added.

Early parliamentary elections in Ukraine will take place Oct. 26.

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At the same time, local elections are to be held in some areas of Donbas Dec. 7. The areas where "a special order of the local self government" was established according to the so-called law on the special status of the Donbas are meant.

At the same time, the DPR and LPR militants stated that they are going to hold their own "elections" Nov. 2.

The EU has already stated that it recognizes only those elections which would be held with respect to the Ukrainian legislation.

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