26.10.14 11:41

Dnipro Battalion Has Left All Positions in Donetsk Region Except Pisky Village - Battalion Commander Bereza

Dnipro Battalion was withdrawn from all positions in the Donetsk region except for the village of Pisky by the order of Kyiv commandment.

Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov writes about this on his Facebook page, providing a comment of the battalion commander Yurii Bereza.

"The battalion provided security of election commissions on a number of election districts in the west of the Donbas region. Today, however, Dnipro has been withdrawn, while Azov Battalion and other divisions of the National Guard replaced it. I do not know how it will affect the outcome of the election, and I hope all will end peacefully. However, many election commission heads in the Donbas were replaced over the past three days. Coincidentally, they were replaced by people associated with the former Party of Regions," Butusov emphasizes.

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"I'm worried about the situation at three election districts where known Ukrainian patriots are running for the Parliament. In Dzerzhynsk, at district 52, it is Roman Svitan, advisor to the former governor of the Donetsk region. Roman is the man who organized delivery of food and water to our surrounded troops near Chervonopartyzansk in July. District 59 is represented by Valentyn Manko, battle commander of Dnipro Battalion and the Right Sector. Dmytro Lubinets, the only Volnovakha city council member who openly supported Ukraine since the beginning of the war, runs for Verkhovna Rada at district 60. I wish effective order was established at the districts so that the Party of Regions people did not have the slightest possibility to falsify the election results there," he concluded.

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