26.10.14 18:25

Bandits Kidnapped Head of Polling Station, Seals, and Ballots at District 102 in Kirovohrad Region

Bandits attacked a polling station at district 102 near Talova Balka village (Svitlovodsk area) and kidnapped head of the polling station, seals, and ballots.

Censor.NET reports about it referring to the Facebook page of candidate deputy Svitlana Zalishchuk.

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"Titushky attacked a polling station near Talova Balka village (Svitlovodsk area), kidnapping its head, seal, and ballots. We've sent activists to the scene. We are waiting for an update," Zalishchuk said.

According to her, "dozens of activists have reported that people were brought to the polling station in the morning as if it was a parade."

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Commenting on the attack at two candidate deputies, which hapened earlier on October 26, Zalishchuk said: "The attackers were found. There was a survelliance camera near the scene. Law enforcers already have information about the registration plates of the vehicles that were watching us."

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