28.10.14 20:46

Half of Tourists, Who Rested in Yalta, Are Not Going to Return There Again Because of Poor Quality of Services

Annexed Crimea may have only a half of the tourists in the next year. The "Minister of Resorts and Tourism" Yelena Yurchenko announced on Tuesday, Oct. 28 that a half of the tourists, who have rested in Greater Yalta, do not plan to ever return there on vacation.

Censor.NET reports citing Krym.Realii.

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"We conducted a survey which found that 50% of those who were resting this season in Greater Yalta do not plan to come back," she said. According to Yurchenko, the main reason of this is a fundamental mismatch of the cost and quality criteria of the services offered to the tourists.

"The main causes of this are, in particular, the mismatch of the accommodation conditions to the unique natural potential, which we have in Yalta. Another reason is, of course, a rather low level of services, and we all perfectly know it," she explained. Yurchenko added that another deterrent for the tourists are numerous points of external trade.

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"This is definitely the external trade points strangle, which are mostly illegal, and the misfit of the cost and quality," "the minister" said.

Self-appointed Prime Minister of annexed Crimea Sergei Aksionov reportedly declared that Crimea is losing tourists because of the poor quality of services, high prices and border guards.

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