29.10.14 09:36

Kerry Concerned About Moscow's Intention to Recognize Pseudo Elections in Donbas

US Secretary of State John Kerry is concerned about the separatists’ plans to hold the so-called "elections" in the Donbas on Nov. 2 and Russia’s intention to recognize them.

Ukrainian people had made a bold and clear choice for democracy when they voted in a parliamentary election last Sunday, Kerry said at a news conference in the Canadian city of Ottawa, Censor.NET reports citing BBC.

Turning to the planned rebel-run polls in the east, he said: "This would be a clear violation of the commitments made by both Russia and the separatists that it backs in the Minsk agreements.

"The United States along with the rest of international community will not recognize so called separatist elections unless they happen within the framework of the special status law passed by Ukraine's parliament and signed by President Poroshenko."

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