29.10.14 10:10

NSDC Makes Decisions Based on Incorrect Information, Volunteer Says

The NSDC misinforms the public about situation in the Donbas.


This is stated by volunteer Yurii Kasianov on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"The Speaker of the National Security and Defense Council acknowledged that the key body of coordinating the security forces makes decisions based on incorrect information. Presumably, the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff, and the president work the same way... This "rather pleasant to the heart" misinformation feeds our "couch patriots", who do not want to know the truth, who are afraid of it... And our guys are dying... Is it maybe time, my good gentlemen, to get up from the couch and go to the actual front line?.. To see with your own eyes the conditions in which our soldiers serve; to hear the rustle of Grad firing; to sit half a night under shelling in a hastily dug trench shelter... To learn the truth, which the NSDC doesn't know - that today a convoy heading from Lysychansk to the 31st checkpoint came under fire; that Triokhizbenka village was shelled by mortars and Krymske was shot at by small arms; that the enemy regrouped and is ready to forcibly take our posts, towns and villages... Doesn't it seem strange to you that volunteers know this truth, and you [NSDC] don't?.. Or is it about time to change places?.." he wrote.

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