31.10.14 15:59

"We Have a Nuclear Warhed" - One of LPR Leaders

One of LPR's terrorist leaders, chieftain Kozitsyn, stated that they own nuclear weapons and were affiliated with hit of the Boeing passenger airplane.


This is reported by Censor.NET citing Gazeta.ru.

"We own one nuclear warhead. There were only four in Ukraine, the other three were lost by the "ukrops" (derogative for Ukrainians - ed.), and one was hooked by us. They know perfectly we have it," one of the terrorists' leaders Nikolai Kozitsyn said.

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Answering to a question about hit Boeing and scandalous audiotape on which he admits that terrorists did it, Kozitsyn responded: "I said then and will say again: one shouldn't fly over war territories. On that day, there was a fighting at Krasnyi Partyzan, we were killing ukrops who tried to take in the reverse. Whoever did it, did it, you know what I mean?"

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