22.01.19 16:05

Ukraine developing heavy combat UAV

The state-owned enterprise Antonov and one of the foreign companies are developing a heavy high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle carrying foreign-made munition.

Ukraine developing heavy combat UAV

As reported by Censor.NET citing Ukraine Military Portal, some details of the development have been revealed by Mykola Vorobiov, the program coordinator of unmanned aircraft systems at Antonov enterprise.

The idea is to build a rather expensive vehicle carrying both reconnaissance and combat equipment.

"Within the project, Antonov is responsible for the airframe and foreign partner - for the electronic and combat equipment," Vorobiov said, adding Antonov will perform up to 60 percent of the work.

However, today the project is only reduced to "paperwork".

"We need an investor and a big customer to start the full-scale development," explained Vorobiov, adding Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense can only purchase a limited number of such devices and only if a primary customer appears.

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