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Minsk Agreements Are Not Worth the Paper They Are Printed On - Polish Newspaper

Declarations of Russia cannot be trusted, and the Minsk agreement is a mere example of inefficient use of paper.

This is stated by Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinform.

"There is no reason whatsoever to believe in spoken or written words of Russia. You can only believe in action. If you consider that in the fall of this year, the Russian military aircraft violated the airspace of numerous countries from Alaska to Europe, making NATO aircraft take to the sky, and that Russia conducted a test launch of a rocket capable of carrying nuclear weapons, it may indicate its bad intentions. And the Minsk agreement is just an example of wasting paper," the publication notes.

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The newspaper states that the agreement signed in Minsk in September somehow relates exclusively to the Ukrainian side, since the separatists at once declared that they have nothing to do with a buffer zone, and that the Ukrainian troops should withdraw. The publication also notes that at the time the agreement - also supported by the EU - was entering into force, Russia was bringing in another "humanitarian convoy" into Ukraine, and the ones who were shooting before continue doing so today.

The newspaper notes that despite the insistence of leader of the European diplomacy Federica Mogherini on the need for further implementation of the Minsk agreements, Russian troops are not planning to leave the territory of Ukraine.

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"Russia constantly repeats that Crimea belongs to it, and it should get a land border with it. The Russia-Crimea bridge would be too expensive and judging by the movement of troops, Russia wants to punch a corridor to Crimea through Ukraine. Consequently, the Minsk agreement is just a fiction," the publication reads.

The media outlet writes that for Moscow all agreements are theoretical. It can sign some documents, but if they are not of any use to it, it will immediately stop their fulfillment.

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The publication also ironically alludes to the fact that Europeans do not even need to question who may violate the boundaries of other countries: "To Europeans - if you hear the splash of water in the Baltic Sea, and you suspect it's a submarine, instead of thinking whose is it just shout in Russian: "Happy New Year, comrades!."

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