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1209 volumes of "taxmen of Klymenko" case files transferred to court. PHOTO

Probes on the case of former Ministry of Revenues and Dues tax officers charged with illegal financial operations lasted for 9 months. The materials of the case, 1209 volumes, will be submitted to the court.

1209 volumes of "taxmen of Klymenko" case files transferred to court. PHOTO

Censor.NET reports referring to the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine. March 13, it was said by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov during a joint briefing with the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko, the Chief Military Prosecutor Anatolyi Matios, and the deputy chairman of the National Police - Ihor Kuprants.

"Professional, competent work of the prosecutors and police officers of the National Police is an example of how to investigate such difficult cases with suach a result," Avakov said.

According to results, 52 people have been indicted, including heads of regional tax authorities, as well as ex-minister of income and taxes, Klymenko.

"The probes lasted only 9 months and 18 days, but its scale is tremendous both in the sum of probably stolen funds and in the evidence base. We have today a vivid proof of what was done by 500 employees of the National Police Department's Department of Defense and military prosecutors. We got 1209 volumes of case files of a criminal organization that systematically plundered Ukraine during the time of Yanukovych. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the General Prosecutor's office were able to arrest the property of criminals for UAH 700 mln ($2.624 868), the arrested property today brings income to the state," Lutsenko said.

"We are taking the case to court, we have completed this investigation only with the help of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. For the theft of UAH 100 billion () the court must make a legal decision provided by the current legislation," the prosecutor general added.

1209 volumes of taxmen of Klymenko case files transferred to court 01

Ex-Minister Klymenko during 2011-2013 registered a number of offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands and Cyprus in the name of his father. The money withdrawn from the budget with the help of those "tax evasion schemes" were legalized in European banks through these offshore accounts and returned to Ukraine, but to private companies

Two dozen top tax officials of the former Inland Revenue Ministry of Ukraine were detained in the National Police and the Military Prosecutor's Office's special nationwide operation.

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