14.11.14 11:13

Ukrainian Soldiers Destroyed Two Front Lines of Terrorists - Tymchuk

Russian terrorist soldiers fortified their front lines in Petrivskyi, Kyivskyi, and Kirovskyi districts of Donetsk city.


This was announced by InfoResist's Dmytro Tymchuk on his Facebook page citing InfoResist data, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, almost all "inner" checkpoints in the above mentioned districts were taken down, and personnel redeployed 'to the front line.'

"The same situation is observed in the vicinity of Makiivka. On the north-eastern outskirts of Makiivka, the enemy equipped firing positions for artillery, but the actual artillery units are in the rear of the enemy and are pushed forward only to fire strikes, and then discharged. Up to three units (batteries) of cannon and rocket artillery are involved in strikes," he wrote.

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Tymchuk also noted that due to efforts of Ukrainian soldiers, two front lines of the enemy were destroyed - one in Donetsk city, the other near Pisky village. "After this, the enemy began to massively fire with heavy weapons at Ukrainian army's positions in the giver districts."

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