24.11.14 13:01

NATO Urges to Strengthen Support for Ukraine and Expand Sanctions Against Russia

Committee on the Civil Dimension of Security of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly considers it necessary to strengthen support for Ukraine and to take a stronger stand against Russia.

This is stated in the NATO PA draft resolution approved at the committee meeting in The Hague on Nov. 23, Censor.NET reports citing Liga.

MPs and experts from NATO member countries called on the governments of the Alliance member countries to consider a new political, economic, financial and technical support to Ukraine for the protection of its territory and building a strong and accountable government.

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The document also calls for further sanctions against Russia, until it starts to abide the international law, and until the sanctions help to bring back all the illegal territorial "acquisitions".

The text of the resolution will supposedly be adopted in final form at the today's NATO PA session.

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