26.06.19 11:31

PACE considers lifting last restrictions from Russian delegation

The Assembly's Committees recommended restoring its authorities to the full extent.

PACE considers lifting last restrictions from Russian delegation

Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinform.

Profile committees of the PACE considered the question of restoring all authorities of the Russian delegation in the Assembly. The concluding recommendation passed after the night-time session says that these powers should be returned without any sanctions - not even those that remained after the PACE resolution was passed on Monday.

The Assembly's Monitoring Committee did not find any reasons to impose any restrictions against the Russian delegation.

The Regulation Committee refused to make the report on the line-up of the Russian delegation (there are the MPs elected with the votes of the residents of the annexed Crimea).

The Assembly is to vote on this issue today, June 26. The Russian delegation is currently able to participate in the session, but it cannot vote for this particular issue.

Earlier, Ukraine has suspended its activity in the PACE - at least, for now. According to Ukraine's delegation Head Volodymyr Ariev, this is viewed as the protest against the fact that Russia's membership in this organization was restored.

The Assembly passed the respective resolution on late June 24; Russia received the right to return to PACE, without any limitations of the vote right. Ukraine, Georgia and the Baltic States condemned this decision, demanding to strip Russia off its privileges and the right to take leading offices in PACE committees. The appeal will be considered already on June 26. Ukraine's president Volodymyr Zelensky supported the decision of the Ukrainian delegation, saying he was disappointed with PACE resolution.

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