25.11.14 23:58

Further Sanctions Against Russia Are Inevitable - Merkel

It will be possible to abolish the restrictive measures only when Russia will take enough efforts to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, the head of the German government says.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed confidence that further economic sanctions against Moscow are inevitable if Russia does not change its policy towards Ukraine, Censor.NET reports citing Deutsche Welle.

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The head of the German government spoke at the Congress of the European family businesses in Berlin Tuesday, Nov. 25. "We are constantly working on a diplomatic solution to the crisis. However, unfortunately, the territorial integrity of Ukraine still continues to be violated at the same time," Merkel said.

According to the Federal Chancellor, punitive measures will be necessary as long as Russia does not make enough effort to find solutions to the conflict in Ukraine. "They are inevitable," the head of the German government is convinced.

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At the same time, Merkel acknowledged that the sanctions have a negative impact on the European and German economies. "There is nothing more important for entrepreneurs than the legal guarantees, stability, and peace," she summed up.

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