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PGO wants to arrest Yushchenko's property

A prosecutor of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine (PGO) has sent a motion for the arrest of property owned by former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko.

PGO wants to arrest Yushchenko's property

Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinform

"A prosecutor has sent a motion to court regarding the arrest of all available property of ex-president Viktor Yushchenko," Head of the PGO's Department for Special Investigations Serhii Horbatiuk said.

Horbatiuk added that a court hearing of this case had not yet been scheduled.

Earlier, the Prosecutor General's Office approved a notice of suspicion for former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko as part of the case concerning the Mezhyhiria residence that was withdrawn from state ownership in 2007.

MP Serhiy Leshchenko said on June 6 that Yushchenko had been declared a suspect in the appropriation, embezzlement or possession of the property by abuse of office.

Leshchenko claimed that Yushchenko, allegedly in a conspiracy with former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, deliberately transferred the Mezhyhiria residence from the State Affairs Department to management by the Cabinet of Ministers. The government, in turn, according to the MP, transferred Mezhyhiria to the state-owned enterprise Nadra Ukrainy, and the latter withdrew the residence from state ownership in favour of a fictitious Donetsk-based company. Yanukovych then began to build a personal estate in Mezhyhiria.

At the same time, Yushchenko rejected the accusation.

Yushchenko also accused the PGO investigator, who approved the notice of suspicion about Mezhyhiria, of a conflict of interest.

Yushchenko, the third president of Ukraine, was in office from January 23, 2005, to February 25, 2010.

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