27.11.14 23:07

Russian Terrorists and Ukrainian Party Exchanged Prisoners on ‘Six by Six’ Basis.

The DPR terrorists and the Ukrainian party exchanged prisoners.

The exchange took place in the 'six by six' format, Censor.NET reports citing President Poroshenko Twitter.

"We liberated six more our servicemen - five from the Myrotvorets battalion, and one from the Donbas battalion. Two officers are among them. Glory to Ukraine!" the president wrote. RIA Novosti confirms this information citing the representative of the militants. "We handed over two Internal Ministry Majors and four privates and freed two civilians and four insurgents," the DPR representative said.

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Former NSDC Secretary Andrii Parubii said that there may be up to 400 servicemen from volunteer battalions held in the militants' captivity. Presidential Administration of Ukraine Deputy Head Valerii Chalyi said Nov. 18 that there are more than 700 Ukrainian military held prisoners by the insurgents in the Donbas. Censor.NET previously reported that the terrorists have offered to exchange prisoners for food.

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