29.07.19 11:30

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry condemns violence against peaceful demonstrators in Moscow

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry has condemned the violence perpetrated by Russian law enforcement officers against participants in a large-scale peaceful protest rally held in Moscow on July 27.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry condemns violence against peaceful demonstrators in Moscow

Censor.NET reports citing Ukraine Foreign Ministry.

"Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns violence against participants of a large-scale peaceful protest rally held in central Moscow on July 27, 2019, in support of the registration of independent candidates for elections to Moscow City Council," a statement released by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry's press service on Sunday evening said.

The ministry said that the barbaric beating of its own citizens, numerous arrests and detentions, the use of artificial and discriminatory electoral filters designed to ensure that only "convenient candidates" participate in elections prove the failure of Russia's authorities to ensure democratic will, demonstrating its fear of real political competition.

"With such systemic violations of fundamental freedoms and human rights, freedom of speech and peaceful protest, the Kremlin openly mocks those European states and politicians who recently allowed Russian representatives to return to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)," the ministry said.

"It's obvious to us that Russia does not belong to the democratic community, but is a rogue state. That's why we strongly condemn the mass repressions that the Kremlin has resorted to in recent days. We expect the same strong condemnation of the actions of Russian authorities by other representatives of our European and Euro-Atlantic community," Ukraine's Foreign Ministry said.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said he believes that every year more and more participants are detained at protests in Moscow.

"Every year more and more people are detained in protests in Moscow. This is the terrible Russian reality and statistics. Marx said Europe was haunted by a well-known spectre ["A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of communism," from Manifesto of the Communist Party]. Everyone also knows how it ended. I'm not sure that Russia's spectre of freedom strikes with a light foot, but the Kremlin hears those steps for sure. Some European politicians, expressing concern for Russia's civil society, have argued for the return of the Russian Federation to the PACE. I really want to hear their opinion after yesterday's mass arrests in Moscow, when most of the representatives of this civil society were put behind bars," Klimkin said on Twitter.

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