28.11.14 16:03

ATO Press Center Reports Clashes Between Terrorists: “Commandant” of Antratsyt Town Killed. Russian Special Services Eliminate Unwanted Ringleaders

Various terrorist gangs continue fighting among themselves, dividing areas of influence.


In particular, such a "showdown" occurred in terrorist controlled town of Antratsyt. This was stated by the press center of the ATO, citing a source among the guerrillas in the occupied territories of the Donbas, Censor.NET reports.

According to the report, at one of the terrorist meetings they could not find consensus on issues related to the looting of local residents, intimidation and other forms of "income" which turned into a shoot out. As a result of this temperamental brawl the "commandant" of Antratsyt was killed.

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"According to another source, this event is nothing but Russian special forces eliminating unwanted gang leaders," the headquarters notes.

It is also stated that the ATO forces repulsed seven attacks of the terrorists in different parts of the front.

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