30.11.14 10:37

Separatists Cannot Make Captured Enterprises Work, So There Is No Use for Them – Moskal

Despite the fact that the separatists of the so-called LPR have captured many factories, they cannot feed themselves.

Luhansk Regional State Administration Chairman Hennadii Moskal says in an interview to ZN.UA.

Responding to a reporter's question about which part of the region is controlled by Ukraine, the better or the worse one, Moskal said that "it is difficult to answer. It depends. If we speak about agriculture, the separatists will not be able to feed themselves. They've got only 90 thousand hectares of arable land out of 1.4 million. We have all the forests as well. But on the other side, more industrial enterprises are held by terrorists," he notes.

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According to him, the Party of Regions for some reason did not develop the north part of the Luhansk region, currently controlled by Ukraine. "We have areas without a single factory or plant. You will not even find primary processing of agricultural products there; you can only buy crops, such as corn, sunflower, vegetables, and fruits," he commented on the state of the part of the Luhansk region, which is not held by the militants. He also adds that the majority of industrial enterprises are in the area of the so-called LPR. These are Alchevsk Coking Plant, Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant, Luhansk Locomotive Works, Stakhanov Carriage Works, etc.

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"They control most of the major cities: Luhansk, Alchevsk, Stakhanov, Rovenky, Krasnyi Luch, Sverdlovsk. Potentially they are ahead of us in industrial production, especially because such giants as Siverodonetsk Azot Association and Lysychansk refinery, controlled by Ukrainian government, do not work. And it is not for economic reasons, there is a political component. However, the separatists cannot make the captured enterprises work, so there is no use for them," Moskal stressed.

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