14.08.19 17:01

Court reinstates First Deputy Prosecutor General Holomsha fired on lustration

County Administrative Court reinstated First Deputy Prosecutor General Mykola Golomsha at his position after the dismissal on lustration.

Court reinstates First Deputy Prosecutor General Holomsha fired on lustration

Censor.NET reports citing the court website.

The court recognized the dismissal of Holomsha as illegal and order to reinstate him at the position.

"The position occupied by Mykola Holomsha at the Prosecutor General’s Office was not a political one; the legality of the procedures used against the claimant is also not provided and it grounds the conclusion on the failure to substantiate the legality of the making of the contested decision on the grounds mentioned in it; it is sufficient and independent decision to abolish the decision on the dismissal," the message said.

In October 2014, Prosecutor General Vitalii Yarema dismissed First Deputy Prosecutor General Mykola Holomsha from his post. According to the order dated October 23, Holomsha was fired due to the stop of the employment contract on the basis of the lustration.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi offered to pass the draft law on extending the campaign on screening the Ukrainian officials. According to the offer, the campaign will now also involve the officials appointed after February 23, 2014, till May 19, 2019.

Zelenskyi offered to pass the law almost immediately after the same offer was voiced out by ex-Head of Yanukovych's Administration Andrii Portnov. Portnov, previously wanted in Ukraine and sanctioned by the EU, is known as the lawyer who returned to Ukraine soon after Zelenskyi's inauguration. His stance towards Euromaidan activists is aggressive; in his Telegram channel, Portnov offered to consider places for concentration camps for political opponents. Portnov, who currently enjoys the protection of armed men is a close friend of Andriy Bohdan, the Head of the Presidential Office.

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