26.02.15 17:32

DPR ringleaders conduct mass killing of Russian mercenaries to avoid payment - Russian journalist

Militants of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic intentionally kill mercenaries from Russia, in order to avoid paying the salaries they were promised.

This is stated by Russian journalist of Dozhd TV channel Timur Olevskiy on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

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"I witnessed a strange scene at Pisky - for four hours the "DPR" artillery was flattening a building on the outskirts of the airport where another "DPR" unit was located. I even made a news item about it. I could not understand why, and what was happening. And the Ukrainian officers could not understand it, saying that it happened quite often. They (militants - ed.) shot at their own and then began shooting at them. The answer came from Novosibirsk, three months later, from a local resident, who returned from the "DPR" where he fought as a volunteer. He told the story of how mercenaries from Russia, whose salaries will not be paid are killed. They may have three months of payment due and before their return, they are shelled by artillery if they survived some unpromising battle. By the way, the Donetsk airport was such a place. "They wrote off the money," the journalist noted.

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