27.04.15 11:16

Russia’s military buildup along the border with Ukraine reached levels not seen in months - Canada

Canada strongly condemns ongoing violations of Minsk agreements by Russia and Russian-backed insurgents in eastern Ukraine.


This was announced by Rob Nicholson, Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, as reported by Censor.NET citing Canadian Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development.

According to him, Russia continues to violate the cease-fire and maintain troops and equipment in eastern Ukraine. There are credible reports of additional Russian weaponry being moved into the area. These acts are in clear violation of the Minsk agreements and jeopardize their viability.

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"We also condemn Russia's reported military buildup along the border with Ukraine to levels not seen in months, which further undermines the region's stability," the official Ottawa said.

Canada reminded that the Minsk agreements were only as good as their implementation. The minister called on Putin to respect his commitments, to withdraw Russian troops and weapons from Ukraine and to allow for de-escalation.

"We will continue to judge Russia by its deeds and not by its words. We are closely monitoring the situation on the ground and, in close coordination with our partners and allies, will continue to confront the Kremlin to end its brutal aggression," the statement reads.

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