11.05.15 11:27

Parliament to consider ban on St. George ribbons

People's Front faction MP Anton Herashchenko initiates preparation of a bill on prohibition of St. George ribbons.

He stated this on his page on the Facebook social network, Censor.NET reports.

Herashchenko reported of yesterday's Zaporizhia Maidan activist Facebook post about boorish behavior of Zaporizhia police with respect to activists during commemorative events.

"The conflict concerned a situation with wearing the so-called St. George's ribbon, the symbol of Russian occupation and aggression during the festivities. The police, according to activists, behaved non-patriotically and anti-Ukrainian. I got in touch with Yurii Hudymenko, asked him and other witnesses of the incident to file petitions in the name of the chief of Zaporizhia regional police demanding an investigation into the matter. I will also direct a people's deputy inquiry to conduct an objective check of activists' complain. If, in the course of cross-examination, the accusation expressed on a social network are confirmed, then the employee should under article of "discrediting law-enforcement bodies", paragraph 66 of the Regulation on the service in the Interior Ministry. If the police officer really does not like Ukraine and believes that we are killing civilians in the Donbas, than he should not get paid from the pockets of Ukrainian taxpayers. [He should] work in other places, but not in the Ukrainian police," Herashchenko said.

"And I repeat - the law should be one for all. If it is violated by a police officer, he should answer for it. If it is violated by a Maidan activist, he should answer for it - he added.

Herashchenko also stressed that today demonstrative wearing of a St. George ribbon is not prohibited by law.

"Next week, I will submit a draft law on banning public use of St. George ribbons as a symbol of Russian aggression against Ukraine to the parliament, except when the St. George ribbon is used as a part of the orders of WWII veterans, archives, historical documents, museum exhibits, and other similar cases. As a penalty I will propose to introduce a substantial fine for those who break the law to ban wearing the conspicuous "Colorado ribbons." (black and orange color -ed.) You want to publicly wear a St. George ribbon or Nazi swastika - pay, for example, 5000 hryvnia fine to the budget for the treatment of the wounded and disabled in the ATO and rejoice. If you wear it second time, you get to 15 days of arrest. I ask my colleague MPs of all factions of the coalition to please support my bill to ban demonstrations of the "Colorado ribbons", Nazi and Communist symbols in public places," the MP stated.

He also published a photo of a law enforcement officer, who, according to activist Hudymenko, not only stood up for the man wearing a St. George's ribbon during yesterday's celebrations in Zaporizhia's Victory Park, but also read an "emotional lecture about villainous Ukraine, which kills innocent people in the Donbas."


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