08.06.15 18:01

G7 countries agreed to tigthen sanctions against Russia if Donbas situation gets worse

Countries of the Group of 7will tighten their sanctions against Russia if the situation in the east of Ukraine gets worse.


As Censor.NET reports with reference to RBK-Ukraine, this is what German news agency DPA informs about.

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At a press conference on Monday following the G7 summit in Elmau, Merkel expressed general readiness to impose new sanctions against Russia and unwillingness to do so.

As she said in an ARD interview before the summit, the West is still connecting the possibility of prolonging the sanctions against Russia with implementation of Minsk agreements signed this year in February.

Similar statement was delivered by the Chancellor together with U.S. President Barack Obama. They said sanctions against Russia should be effective until full implementation of Minsk agreements. Later the Kremlin commented on the summit participants statements. President Putin's press secretary Dmitrii Peskov said the summit declarations were not "new theses."

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