14.08.15 09:36

35th 'Putin's humanitarian convoy' left Russia for Donbas

35th 'Putin's humanitarian convoy' left Russia for the Donbas.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Liga, this was announced by the Russian Federation Emergency Service.

"Russia's Emergency Service convoy with aid for the Donbas has left for the Russian border. It counts over 100 trucks carrying more than 1,000 tons of cargo," the message reads.

The authority states that the trucks carry food, medicines, and daily necessities.Before entering the territory of Ukraine, the convoy will divide into two, one heading to the Donetsk region, the other to the Luhansk region.

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As known, Russia allows neither Ukrainian border guards not Red Cross representatives to examine the cargo. Every time a convoy arrives to the Donbas, terrorists intensify their activities. Ukrainian party has stated multiple times that the Russian Federation sends weapons and other aid to mercenaries in its convoys.

Kyiv insists that the cargo from Russia were delivered to the Donbas via railway. Ukrainian border guards and Red Cross representatives announced that they were not able to examine the trucks that carry the so-called humanitarian aid.

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