12.10.15 11:26

Should Russia and mercenaries breach truce, we will return weapons to positions, - Poroshenko

Ukraine is ready to promptly return the withdrawn military equipment to its former positions at the demarcation line, if pro-Russian militants breach the truce.

As Censor.NET reports citing presidential press service, this is stated in President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko's address to the Ukrainians.

"Our hardware and arms are redeployed in accordance with a specially developed plan allowing their quick return to positions, if the Russians and their mercenaries violate the truce. Our capability to quickly respond to such challenges have been repeatedly demonstrated," Poroshenko said.

He stressed that the cease-fire in the Donbas is the main result of a number of his recent foreign trips and negotiations.

"Is it much or little? Is it achievement at all? Let's ask the mothers and wives of our soldiers. Let's ask our women all over Ukraine, who do not sleep at night, fearing to receive a death notice at dawn. No reports of killed soldiers is a holiday for me. We save lives of both soldiers and civilians - our compatriots in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. This is important," Poroshenko stated.

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