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"Diamond" prosecutor Shapakin had 40 accounts in five different banks, - journalistic investigation

One of the so-called "diamond" prosecutors-grafters, First Deputy Head of the Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office Volodymyr Shapakin owned 40 accounts in five different banks. Over 16 million hryvnia (over $711,000) have passed through these accounts in less than five years.

Journalist Serhii Ivanov wrote in his article "Under-the-table millionaire - prosecutor Shapakin" for Censor.NET.

At the same time, it was notable that Shapakin's salary for the same period amounted to 560 000 hryvnia (about $25,000).

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"It's hard to imagine how much time should one spent to control cash flows at 40 bank accounts and have a full time job simultaneously," Ivanov wrote.

"For example, Shapakin owned twenty deposit and one current account in Finbank having large round amounts of 200,000, 300,000, 500,000 hryvnia regularly hitting it. The "strange" amount of 3,584,470 hryvnia hit the current account of Shapakin only once November 7, 2011.

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Shapakin's prosperity was featured by enviable stability up to the moment of his detention. One of sources of Censor.NET stated that he was also receiving rather large funds on his accounts in Privatbank, which totaled of more than 4 million hryvnia (about $178,000).

More than 1 million hryvnia passed through two of the seven Shapakin's accounts in "Raiffeisen Bank Aval".

Thus, it is obvious that the senior position in the Investigation Directorate of the Prosecutor General's Office is extremely profitable allowing not only to earn money but also do business.

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It should be reminded that the Prosecutor General's Office and the Security Service of Ukraine detained First Deputy Head of Investigation Directorate of the Prosecutor General's Office Shapakin and Deputy Prosecutor of Kyiv region Korniiets on suspicion of taking a bribe of 3 million hryvnia July 6. They were remanded in custody with the right to post a bail of 3.2 million hryvnia each. The Court of Appeal later increased the bail for Shapakin to 6.4 million hryvnia. Both suspects have posted the required bails and were released from custody.

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