14.10.15 22:50

Russia seeks to resume investigation into MH17 crash

The Russian Federation requests the Dutch-led joint expert team to reopen the investigation into the case of flight MH17 downed by pro-Russian militants.

As Censor.NET reports citing ZN,UA, it is stated by Head of the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency Oleg Storchevoy, who once again questioned some of the evidence given by the Dutch experts in their report on the results of the investigation presented this week after 15 months of collecting and studying the materials of the case.

The investigators concluded that the Malaysian Boeing777 was shot down in the skies over the Donbas by a Buk anti-aircraft missile. This completely refutes Russia's accusations against Ukraine, by which a Ukrainian Su-27 fighter allegedly destroyed the passenger airliner. The report however does not say who fired the missile. It should be established by another investigation team composed of experts from Belgium, Malaysia, Australia, and Ukraine.

At the same time, Tjibbe Joustra, the chairman of the Dutch Safety Board, noted that the missile that hit the Boeing was fired from the territory seized by pro-Russian militants.

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