FSB agents and Surkov visited Ukraine during Euromaidan to gather information, - PGO

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Prosecutor General's Office does not have information on Russia’s involvement in the killings during Euromaidan in 2013-2014.

PGO Special Investigations Directorate Head Serhii Horbatiuk said at a briefing on Tuesday, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainska Pravda.

"Investigators of the Prosecutor General's Office have received information that the representatives of the security service of the Russian Federation visited Ukraine during the Maidan. 27 people visited the country in December, seven people - in late January, and another seven people including Russian Federation Presidential Administration representative Vladislav Surkov arrived Feb. 20," Horbatiuk said.

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According to him, these facts were scrutinized by the PGO investigators. Investigation revealed that the delegations visited Ukraine to gather intelligence.

"They were gathering information on how the protests were held, how the Maidan was organized and what was the origin of its funding," the head of PGO Special Investigations Directorate said.

He noted that no additional information evidencing that these people committed crimes against the Maidan have not been obtained including from the Security Service of Ukraine.

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