22.10.15 11:09

Terrorists publicly blackmail Ukraine on prisoners' release, which is failure to fulfill Minsk agreements, - MP Herashchenko

According to the Minsk accords, pro-Russian terrorists in the Donbas should release captive Ukrainian soldiers without setting additional conditions.

The militants' amnesty is a different provision of the Minsk agreements, not related to prisoners' release. This was stated by the Poroshenko Bloc MP, Ukraine's representative in the humanitarian subgroup of the tripartite contact group on the Donbas conflict settlement Iryna Herashchenko on her Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

According to her, pro-Kremlin mercenaries have publicly voiced their demands, which they have been using for several months now for blackmailing Ukraine in the hostages matter.

"In fact, they have publicly assumed responsibility for failure to fulfill the Minsk agreement by linking two non-relating issues. They are trying to connect release of our Heroes to bandits' amnesty," Herashchenko wrote.

Besides, according to the MP, terrorists are trying to artificially decrease the number of held hostages, "turning the matter into indecent bargaining."

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Herashchenko voiced Ukraine's stance on the issue:

"First, all hostages have to be released unconditionally - this is an obligatory provision of the Minsk accords, which had to be fulfilled long ago. Our heroes are held in the self-proclaimed republics' basements illegally. The responsibility for this public announcement of the failure to fulfill the Minsk agreements now falls on the terrorists and the country supporting them - the Russian Federation.

"We will be pressing as much as we can with the demand to fulfill the Minsk accords as to prisoners' exchange. Amnesty is a totally different provision of the Minsk agreements, and it will be fulfilled only after law is returned to the occupied territories and "Buratino"s are withdrawn from there," Herashchenko stressed.
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