Results of online poll on weapons legalization published: citizens want guns for self-protection. INFOGRAPHICS

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An online survey on Ukrainian citizens’ opinion regarding legalization of weapons for self-protection showed that 89 percent of those surveyed support the idea of granting the citizens with the right to possess short-barreled rifled guns for self-protection.

The survey was conducted by SPHERA polling center, ordered by the Ukrainian association of gun owners, Censor.NET reports citing the association's website.

The total number of those questioned reached 28,294 over the two weeks between Oct. 7 and 22, 21 percent of respondents being gun owners. The poll's organizers have not specified how complete the sample was and whether it reflects opinions by all groups and categories of the Ukrainian population.

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The results of the poll are as follows.

66 percent of those questioned believe the situation in Ukraine is tense, another 30 percent believe it being critical (image below).

опрос оружия легализация

Reforms are the best way to change the existing social order, 80 percent of respondents believe; with only 13 percent support the idea of radical changes with violent methods.

93 percent of those surveyed do not trust the old Ukrainian police. The new police, in turn, have the highest trust level - 75 percent; the army is trusted by 71 percent of those polled, and volunteer battalions are supported by 70 percent of the respondents.

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The majority of the respondents support amendments to Constitution that would provide for the citizens' right of armed protection of themselves (93 percent), their surroundings (85 percent), and their property (89 percent, image below).

опрос оружия легализация

Thus, most of those surveyed support legislation that would regulate arms circulation for civilians (93 percent, image below).

опрос оружия легализация

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The law should provide for the citizens' right to possess short-barreled rifled guns for self-protection, 89 percent of respondents said. They believe this will lower the crime rate, increase social responsibility of citizens, and will prevent separatism and terrorism acts (image below).

опрос оружия легализация