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Berkut riot police commander Antonov reinstated by court, - PGO

The court allowed Berkut company commander Yevhen Antonov, who took part in the dispersal of rally on Maidan on Nov. 30, 2013, to return to work, without taking into account the actual circumstances of criminal proceedings.

Censor.NET reports citing Facebook page of PGO's Department of Special Investigations.

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According to the statement, Berkut company commander Antonov, who took an active part in the events on Nov. 30, 2013, has been repeatedly reported by media to continue working in law enforcement up to now. Following the results of investigation into the violent dispersal of rally on Maidan on Nov. 30, 2013, indictments against four Berkut commanders, including Yevhen Antonov, were forwarded to the court, the statement notes.

"Back in January 2015, Antonov was suspended for two months from his post by court's decision. He was put under around-the-clock house arrest and forced to refrain from communicating with witnesses in criminal proceedings, including his subordinates most of whom are such witnesses. However, the court of appeal upheld the house arrest with certain changes - prohibition to leave the place of residence during the time period from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. Given the complexity of the case as well as the grounds for discharging the suspect, the investigator asked the court for an extension of the suspension period. However, the investigating judge, not having taken into account the actual circumstances of criminal proceedings and the obligation of the suspect to refrain from communicating with witnesses, groundlessly denied the prosecutor's motion, allowing the suspect to get to work which can not be done without communication with subordinates," the PGO notes.

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As also reported, during the consideration of PGO's appeal, the leadership of Kyiv police unexpectedly asked the court to uphold the decision by the investigating judge and reinstate Antonov in office. As a result, the appeal was not satisfied, with the decision remaining unchanged. "At the moment, the trial against Antonov continues. The investigators did their utmost in this case," the statement reads.

"The examples of reinstating Berkut officers, who were involved in the events on Maidan, are not rare. The question of the public "Why is former Berkut officer Yevhen Antonov reinstated?" remains rhetorical," the PGO concludes.

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