28.10.15 12:21

STB TV crew detained in Russia while going to trial against Savchenko, - journalist

Ukrainian broadcaster STB's shooting group was detained in Russian city of Donetsk (the Rostov region) by Russian traffic police under an invented pretext, while it was on its way to the trial in Ukrainian pilot Savchenko's case.


This was announced by Radio Svoboda journalist Anton Naumliuk on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"You'll laugh, but the shooting crew of Ukraine's STB TV channel was detained in Donetsk in the Rostov region an hour before the trial against Savchenko. Their car was stopped by the traffic police," he said.

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The journalist retells the conversation with the officers:

"You are not wearing seat belts.
"We are!
"Oh, sorry, I was wrong. Show your documents."

The journalist says deputy chief of the city police A. Belchik arrived at the scene shortly after. He said that the operation "Anaconda" was underway in the area, and Ukrainian journalists' passports allegedly raised doubts.

"In the end, the guys locked themselves in the car. They are waiting for Consul of Ukraine Moskalenko who is already en route," Naumliuk said.

He later said: "Consul of Ukraine in Rostov Oleksandr Moskalenko and lawyer Ilya Novikov have arrived at the scene. They are tackling the situation."
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