30.10.15 14:49

Oligarch Akhmetov promised bonuses to his employees for supporting candicate Vilkul Senior, - Kryvyi Rih mayoral candidate Myloboh

The second round of Kryvyi Rih mayoral elections sees two candidates: Yurii Vilkul, father of Dnipropetrovsk mayoral candidate Oleksandr Vilkul, and Samopomich party candidate Yurii Myloboh.

"I have just been given information from the territorial election committee: Vilkul gained 43,4 percent [of votes - ed.], I got 10.5 percent. The decree has not yet been signed, but the information is already in the register," Myloboh said in a commentary to Censor.NET.

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According to him, the election campaign in Kryvyi Rih was full of violations.

"Vilkul has been supported by those nostalgic after the Soviet Union and Metinvest company employees, owned by Rinat Akhmetov by 80 percent. Those [voters] were brought to polling stations by buses. It was this forced voting. They were also promised 300 UAH ($12) in bonus if the candidate wins. They didn't pay it after the first round, they will do so after the second, so that people did not let go," the politician said.

The mayoral candidate also said that Metinvest was blackmailing Kryvyi Rih citizens.

"They say that if Vilkul loses, all plants will close and there will be no work. They have also spread rumors that young men will be brought to military recruiting centers, and polling stations will be guarded by military recruiters. This was a way to scare people off. They were also implying through media that Samopomich had two percent support and Vilkul had 70. So it was kind of all set," Myloboh said.

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