02.12.15 10:12

Crimea occupational authorities threaten with 'fire for effect' in case of peninsula's 'sea blockade'

So-called 'first vice prime minister' of the Crimean occupational authorities Mikhail Sheremet warned organizers of the Crimea blockade against their 'sea blockade' plans for the peninsula. The invaders are certain that Russian border guards will 'open fire for effect' if the 'sea blockade' is фзздшув.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by Krym.Realii.

According to Sheremet, all strategic targets of Crimea, including Kerch ferry, have been taken under protection.

"We have everything controlled and guarded, so they have no chances," Sheremet said.

Another so-called 'vice prime minister' of the Crimean occupational authorities Ruslan Balbek believes that the 'sea blockade' of the peninsula would end in meeting Russian ships. He stated that "Russian border guards are not too soft with violators, and will immediately open fire for effect if needed."

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It was announced earlier by Lenur Isliamov, coordinator of civil drive to block Crimea, that after food, goods, and power supplies to Crimea from continental Ukraine are halted, the 'sea blockade'of the peninsula will follow. It will include the area of Kerch ferry line, which is now the main transport corridor between the occupied Crimea and the invader, the Russian Federation.

On Nov. 22 power supplies to Crimea were stopped due to damage of power pylons in the Kherson region, Ukraine. Emergency mode was announced at the peninsula. At the moment, Crimea is supplied with electricity generated in Crimea locally and by Russia-supplied diesel generators, but these capacities are not enough.

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