27.01.16 23:30

Ukraine rejects constitutional amendments offered by "DPR," - Ukrainian representative in Minsk talks Bezsmertnyi

Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group does not regret "DPR" representatives' proposals on Ukraine's constitutional reform as an official document.

Kyiv's representative to political subgroup in Minsk Roman Bezsmertnyi said, Censor.NET reports.

"We learnt about this document in the morning, but the slip itself, which I can't describe differently, was shown to us only after 6 p.m.," the diplomat said.

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He recalled the discussion concerned the amendments to article 133 of the Basic Law, defining the rights of local government.

According to Bezsmertnyi, the Ukrainian side immediately notified representative of the OSCE Martin Sajdik and head of the Russian delegation Boris Gryzlov of unacceptability of the voiced conditions.

"We said either constructive talks would be held or such cases would mean Russia's unwillingness to comply with the terms of the Minsk process," Bezsmertnyi stated.

Earlier, Censor.NET reported about constitutional amendments offered by "DPR" representatives.
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